Australian Business Directory Defined

Here at Ersatz we are attempting to cultivate a genuine Australian Directory which considers the variety of business. From services, for profit or for charity.

We have an interest in supporting local communities – not for profits always receive a free review. Just below is some of types of business we like to consider worthy of a mention

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Australian Business Services

Australian Websites

Australian Online Shopping

Australian Charities

Australian Media and Journalism

Australian Organic Products and Services

Australian Virtual Services

What We Don’t Accept

International Sites that do not service Australia, nor have an Australian connection will not under any circumstances be accepted.

For international sites to be listed they must have:

  • The TLD ‘’ and an actual Australian address.
  • A Connection to Australia – Offices or Mail Boxes, Phone Numbers

Preferences are given to those who demonstrate actual value to the online world in and for Australia.

We accept:

Any Australian business you can think of except straight up pornography.

‘Escort Agencies’ are okay but must licensed and have a publicly listed address.

For all other listings these things help:

  • PO Boxes
  • Australian Business Address or Service Area(s)
  • Or Australian (URL, Hosting, WHOIS, ABN) and other Identifying Australian content.


As the internet is a  trans-national communication medium, sometimes it better to be able to search the web from a geographic standpoint. Let’s face it from geography of our nation we can be assured that to the most part business and participants all operate with a similar set of expectations, responsibilities in conducting business.

Why should I Join?

Well there is a long list of reasons but read this.

How… Can I Join?

Simply Sign Up, Log-in and type away.


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