Submit to an Australian Business Directory (A How To)

Okay promoting your website online can be a headache right? There are many questions we are asking ourselves. Which Australian directories promote your website the best? Which online Australian directory allows the best configuration for connecting with regional customers?

Sometimes it depends on the business your run. There is very little point in promoting a hyper-local business globally. For example,a local dog walking business may see no value in promoting themselves through a Global Business Directory Such as

So to help you think through the issues of where to link we recommend focusing on:

Tips for Directory Listings

  • Associate Locations with your Business (even if global)
  • Associate Business, Product and Service Terms with your Website & Website Description
  • Try to define your business in the most rigorous way, this means complete & Diverse categorization, Tags & Keywords.

Oh and a final point will be don’t forget to submit your actual URL (Uniform Resource Locator), otherwise known as the website address. It’s such a common occurrence and common means all of you efforts were for nothing.

Ersatz is a unique Australian Business Directory which allows for a high degree of localisation for Australian Businesses (Big and Small). Our Inter-active map encourages customers to explore local business solutions to support their local community.

If you haven’t submitted to the Ersatz Australian Directory yet, now is the time.

How to Complete Directory Submission

1) Sign up

2)  Selecting Directory Package Type (If unsure check our directory packages)

3) Go to your Email: Find an email from our Directory Administrator

4) Login and Click to Add: Add a Australian Business Listing to the Directory


5) Add Listing Details: remember to Tick the Category and Location Tick boxes

directory add details

6) Customise your Australian Business Listing: Resonate with the products and services you offer. Use SEO Principles

7) Add Location Information: and push ‘Find Location’ to pin it to the map.

directory address on map

8) Remember add Website URL:  And Telephone numbers.

directory website

9) The Final Step: Submit for Peer Review by Directory Administrator.

directorysubmitfor reviewHopefully, this will give you a introduction about how to competently fulfill the requirements of most Australian business directories (including the more advanced ones, such as us here at Ersatz).

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