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Creative kids are happy kids and here at Kidsplay Crafts we love nothing more than making kids smile. Our fun, arty products keep your children entertained, let them experience the joy of concentrating on a creative activity and provide a sense of mastery and achievement.

You’ll hear the excitement in their voices…  “LOOK WHAT I MADE!”

Low-cost for mum and dad, educational and hands-on, set them up for an arty session and sit down for a cuppa – or join in the fun.

At Kidsplay Crafts our objective is to bring enjoyment and happiness to the little people while making life easier for mums, dads and carers.

If you are a mum or dad, nana or carer, we are sure you’ll find something awesome to entertain your children.

If you are a business owner, school, or community organisation our bulk packs are amazing value and suit kids of all ages.

We can tailor packs to suit boys or girls, or we can mix a variety of different pieces together. Our huge range means we have plaster pieces and sand art cards to suit any particular theme you have.

Our most popular products include Sand Art, Plaster Pieces and Shrink Art (Shrinkies). Our new range of Sand Art Cards and Printed Shrink Art images are locally designed.

Get crafting today and enjoy seeing those smiles. Watch out, they’re contagious!

Kidsplay Crafts (formerly Precious Parcels) has built its reputation on providing cost-effective and educational products and services that keep children happy and entertained. Importantly, our products inspire creativity and active involvement on the part of the children themselves.

We specialise in supplying Activity books, Plaster Painting, Sand Art cards and supplies, Shrink Art ( Shrinkies) and Activity Packs to Parents, Holiday Parks, Resorts, Hotels, Kids Clubs, Vacation Care, OOSH’s, Holiday Programmes, Fete Days and Restaurants – Australia Wide.

Our products are also sold on a retail basis through Newsagents and general retail stores.

Thank you for your interest in Kidsplay Crafts. We welcome your enquiries,

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