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Every year thousands of Australians build new homes, or renovate existing homes. Sadly, many are unhappy with the finished result of their investment. Some owners discover that the finished product looks quite different to the way they pictured it, while others find it has cost much more than they had thought. This is where an architect could have helped. Unfortunately people often feel that architects are expensive without really knowing what they do.

Gayle Plunkett has been registered as an architect, with the Board of Architects in Queensland, since December 1985. Fully qualified, Gayle has completed two university degrees, a Bachelor of Design Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture both at the University of Queensland. Gayle has an office in Mooroobool and has an extensive knowledge and understanding of Queensland, Cairns, and the tropical regions.

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64 Silky Oak Court Mooroobool
-16.927705, 145.731091

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