Why Human Edited Directory's are Essential

In the modern world, we are surrounded by programming logic dividing up the minutia, sub-dividing our online and offline worlds.

The emergence of digitally embedded algorithms has given us the ability to command vast processes and volumes of information. It’s quite an impressive feat for humanity, we have increased and enhanced our agency.

But in one sense, has it limited our ability to know?

If we take the example of the Google Search Algorithm, a finely tuned tool to assist in displaying web search results.

Google update schedule is a fast one, always attempting to be ahead of Black Hat SEO manipulators of the algorithm to deliver un-tampered results.

Yet this is a global cloak and dagger industry racing for the newest manipulation of the algorithm to turn a profit.

And enter the human. The algorithm is written by humans for computers for humans. And the capabilities of algorithms to effectively reduce problem fields has been of constant debate and philosophizing.

With the maxim garbage in = garbage out, there will always be the human to encompass the greater context and provide an over-arching editorial control.

So while Google may find itself, battling the unfavored grey economy of paid link directories, they are simultaneously relying on human reviews to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Ersatz Australian Directory, is human edited and reviewed. With a community and arts focus we provide an new opportunity for humans to engage, review and discover local content and services.


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