Baamboozle: A Teaching Resource Tool

This post is for all of the teachers out there who find it difficult to maintain enthusiasm in the class room. While kids today find it hard to go seconds without having their smartphone or tablet in their hand, the old teaching methodology of Textbooks, Notebooks, Chalk and Blackboards seems rather mundane.

A new and exciting online resouce has popped up which allows teachers to integrate more technology use into the classroom, to generate interest and excitement for the learners. Its called Baamboozle, a simple puzzle based game which allows teachers to divide the classroom into teams and ellicit answers to a range of questions.

What seems to generate such excitement from the learners is not only the highly visual

The Game has questions hidden behind the numbered cells.

The Game has questions hidden behind the numbered cells.

manner in which questions are presented (Image and Text Based), but there are hidden cells with ‘Bombs’ (where students loose points) and ‘Rewards’ (Where students can gain bonus points – for no reason).

Such a simple game provides a significant interest and engagement with the whole class. Each questions generates discussion amongst their team members and students actively participate in discussion trying ever so carefully not to present the wrong answer to the teacher.

Points will be rewarded for correct answers, while no points a deducted for incorrect answers. In combination with the random ‘rewards’ and ‘bombs’ it generally makes a level playing field amongst the stronger and weakers students.

A game can take 5 – 10 mins which is perfect for revision or a warmer to introduce currently learning material.

Baamboozle is not just for Maths, or English Language Teachers, this platform is capable of being applicable to all teaching subjects and already has many featured games covering a range of Subjects.

Just a small selection of the Games available.

Just a small selection of the Games available.

Baamboozle allows teachers to signup and create private resources or submit them for public use, another great way for teachers to collectively share in their efforts and promote a positive learning environment.

If you are a teacher looking to generate a bit more interest in the classroom check out Baamboozle!

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