New Game: Not For Golf Lovers

A great new game has arrived online at the Google Play Store. Its called ‘Not Golf’ and while its definately not golf there is something it certainly similar, only funner!

Over the years i’ve definately had my try at various golf games starting with Microsoft

The Frustrating Microsoft Golf '95

The Frustrating Microsoft Golf ’95

Golf, but as always golf games require patience and precision only to wait for the familiar sound of the ball dropping into the tiny hole.

Not Golf adds a new spin on the whole idea. There’s no hole, it’s a target, the ball doesn’t disappear, it explodes, the terrain isn’t flat, it’s an obstruction!

Casual games have definately come into a league of their own of recent years and Not Golf is one which I can see being popular because of its simple twist on the classic game.

The Gameplay really offers fun for a quick time-out-of-mind experience and enough challenging entertainment for longer hauls. My favorite feature is the ability to take a second, third or forth hit mid-air. Not longer do you need to wait until the ball is stationary to correct your mistakes. This really adds greater flow and fun to the whole experience.

Fling the ball around and hit your target, even take a another shot mid-air!

Fling the ball around and hit your target, even take a another shot mid-air!

Not Golf, only recently released currently features:

• 81 fun and challenging levels
• 9 courses
• Built-in competitive speedrun mode
• Unlockable customizable themes
• Google play achievements
• Global leaderboards
• No internet connection needed (a great feature!)

The developer has commented that there will be more courses and changes to come, we can wait to see what’s next!

Not Golf is available to download on the Google Play store for free:

Success! Under-Par!

Success! Under-Par!

Baamboozle: A Teaching Resource Tool

This post is for all of the teachers out there who find it difficult to maintain enthusiasm in the class room. While kids today find it hard to go seconds without having their smartphone or tablet in their hand, the old teaching methodology of Textbooks, Notebooks, Chalk and Blackboards seems rather mundane.

A new and exciting online resouce has popped up which allows teachers to integrate more technology use into the classroom, to generate interest and excitement for the learners. Its called Baamboozle, a simple puzzle based game which allows teachers to divide the classroom into teams and ellicit answers to a range of questions.

What seems to generate such excitement from the learners is not only the highly visual

The Game has questions hidden behind the numbered cells.

The Game has questions hidden behind the numbered cells.

manner in which questions are presented (Image and Text Based), but there are hidden cells with ‘Bombs’ (where students loose points) and ‘Rewards’ (Where students can gain bonus points – for no reason).

Such a simple game provides a significant interest and engagement with the whole class. Each questions generates discussion amongst their team members and students actively participate in discussion trying ever so carefully not to present the wrong answer to the teacher.

Points will be rewarded for correct answers, while no points a deducted for incorrect answers. In combination with the random ‘rewards’ and ‘bombs’ it generally makes a level playing field amongst the stronger and weakers students.

A game can take 5 – 10 mins which is perfect for revision or a warmer to introduce currently learning material.

Baamboozle is not just for Maths, or English Language Teachers, this platform is capable of being applicable to all teaching subjects and already has many featured games covering a range of Subjects.

Just a small selection of the Games available.

Just a small selection of the Games available.

Baamboozle allows teachers to signup and create private resources or submit them for public use, another great way for teachers to collectively share in their efforts and promote a positive learning environment.

If you are a teacher looking to generate a bit more interest in the classroom check out Baamboozle!

Facts About Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is the site of some of Australia’s most interesting historical facts and home to its most renowned and significant structures.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is easily one of the most renowned components of the harbour, and it does not escape the cove’s intriguing history. The idea of a bridge connecting the Northern and Southern end of Sydney Harbour was first proposed in 1815. However, the design of the bridge was not prepared until after World War I. The NSW Government invited worldwide tenders for construction in 1922 and let the construction to English firm Dorman Long & Co of Middlesbrough. Construction for the bridge began in 1924. 1400 men, $4.2 million, 16 deaths, 53,000 tonnes of steel and eight years later the Sydney Harbour Bridge was finally unveiled on 19th March 1932. At a height of 143 metres from the harbour, the bridge is the largest steel bridge in the world.

p5_ju_angle_8The Sydney Opera House holds similar significance in that Danish designer Jorn Utzon won architecture’s highest international honour in 2003, the Pritzker Prize. Utzon initially won the international design competition put on by the NSW Government in 1956, on account of his ‘bold and visionary’ design. Despite controversy with funding, changes in government and Utzon’s subsequent resignation in 1966, the designs were completed and Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the Opera House in 1973.

Sydney Harbour has also experienced torpedoes from Japanese midget submarines during the Battle of Sydney Harbour in 1942; it is surrounded by the pristine forests of Sydney Harbour National Park; it is a vital trade port, and a historical and cultural treasure of Australia.

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks use an unfathomable 60 tonnes of lighting effects to draw in an audience of around 1 billion viewers from around the world. Parading the harbour on New Year’s Eve from aboard a luxurious ship will allow you to become a part of this important heritage on one of the most exciting events of the year.

MV EPICURE I offers unparalleled views of the Sydney Harbour, features a gourmet 5-course meal and truly encapsulates the meaning of luxury. To experience the incredible structures of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House come alive this New Year’s Eve and relish the cultural significance of the Sydney Harbour, contact MV EPICURE today about booking yourself in for a sumptuous harbour cruise on the 31st December.

Featured Charity: Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV)

ACCV was established after the Vidotto family went on a family trip to Vietnam in September 2006. During their visit they spent some time at an orphanage in Hanoi. The Vidotto family were completely taken with the children of the orphanage and with the street kids and former-street kids that they met during our stay. They were also quite overwhelmed when they began comparing the quality of life given to their own children as opposed to the plight of these Vietnamese children who are just as bright, just as delightful, and just as deserving of the opportunities necessary to reach their potential! The Vidotto family returned to Australia determined to do something, and as a result the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) was born!

ACCV is now an official NGO in both Australia and Vietnam. ACCV do not receive financial support from any government or corporate sector and must be self financing. Financial support comes from fundraising and direct donations. ACCV work with an increasing number of underprivileged young people, many of whom are blind.

We strongly believe in helping them to help themselves.
100% of all funds donated go directly to ACCV projects, all administrative costs are donated by the Vidotto Group.
ACCV currently has three major programs:

  • E.L.I.T.E – English Language & IT Education for blind students.
    Our main objective is to give the students the opportunity to further education and future job prospects.
  • Breaking the poverty cycle through education and support. We are currently supporting a number of students through high school and university.
  • C.E.M.S – Christine Edith Medical Support
    Partnership with Vietnam Paediatric Hospital. ACCV will provide financial aid to seriously ill children requiring surgery and medical care.

11-24-2014 12-21-03 PMHOW TO DONATE

You can donate via Cheque and Bank Transfer but PayPal which is the easiest way to, this is done via a US organsiation, The Global Development Group USA.

Unfortunately, there is not a direct link on ACCV website but it can be done here.


Submit to an Australian Business Directory (A How To)

Okay promoting your website online can be a headache right? There are many questions we are asking ourselves. Which Australian directories promote your website the best? Which online Australian directory allows the best configuration for connecting with regional customers?

Sometimes it depends on the business your run. There is very little point in promoting a hyper-local business globally. For example,a local dog walking business may see no value in promoting themselves through a Global Business Directory Such as

So to help you think through the issues of where to link we recommend focusing on:

Tips for Directory Listings

  • Associate Locations with your Business (even if global)
  • Associate Business, Product and Service Terms with your Website & Website Description
  • Try to define your business in the most rigorous way, this means complete & Diverse categorization, Tags & Keywords.

Oh and a final point will be don’t forget to submit your actual URL (Uniform Resource Locator), otherwise known as the website address. It’s such a common occurrence and common means all of you efforts were for nothing.

Ersatz is a unique Australian Business Directory which allows for a high degree of localisation for Australian Businesses (Big and Small). Our Inter-active map encourages customers to explore local business solutions to support their local community.

If you haven’t submitted to the Ersatz Australian Directory yet, now is the time.

How to Complete Directory Submission

1) Sign up

2)  Selecting Directory Package Type (If unsure check our directory packages)

3) Go to your Email: Find an email from our Directory Administrator

4) Login and Click to Add: Add a Australian Business Listing to the Directory


5) Add Listing Details: remember to Tick the Category and Location Tick boxes

directory add details

6) Customise your Australian Business Listing: Resonate with the products and services you offer. Use SEO Principles

7) Add Location Information: and push ‘Find Location’ to pin it to the map.

directory address on map

8) Remember add Website URL:  And Telephone numbers.

directory website

9) The Final Step: Submit for Peer Review by Directory Administrator.

directorysubmitfor reviewHopefully, this will give you a introduction about how to competently fulfill the requirements of most Australian business directories (including the more advanced ones, such as us here at Ersatz).

25 Best Tony Abbott Meme Images (So Far) #auspol

Well it’s been less than a year but already the meme machine is working overtime. Australia is venturing into new territory with a whole bunch of new media technologies to document the public sentiment.

Whether you’re an ALP or LNP supporter, casting your minds back to the ‘ditch the witch’ era of retorts and slogans helps provide perspective on this new array of pop culture criticism.

We made our decision focusing on what was most creative, we hope you enjoy.

uglierthanwethought nincuts winkstopsnation BpSceVfCEAIsUJA BpR7ckdCYAAuvqy

mcdouche cutcutcut itsnothitler budgetsmuggler tonyabbottironladyboy BpSTYUzCIAEGK0E  freakin freddos conesofsilence  BoxsmNnIAAAlqld lieharder BpSlKm3CEAApSpT   singingintherain villageidiots  abbottometer

knowyourenemaBpUcMrxIQAAvKITBpQjfG8CIAA0A_Gabbottbattlesoldies BpRIzP2CAAA-G8LBhPGADlCAAAfh0x

I have had a real difficult time in finding the original author of these images, so please if you are an author please contact me so i can give proper credit and references. Additionally if you are the property owner and wish for it not to be included in this list please contact me asap.

5 Aussie Arts Businesses

As we always want to promote Australian Businesses this week we bring you 5 business which service the Arts Industries. These services operate from Sydney to Queensland and Country Wide. .


animalsdownunderpost belconnanartscentre  captivatingcandlespost zenstudiospost


If you think some of their services are for you we encourage you to give them a go.

Want to be in a list like this? Submit now

Famous Indigenous Australians – Bennelong

One of the earliest, most famous and well-documented indigenous men is Woollarawarre Bennelong.

Having lived from 1764 to 1813 he was a man of the Eora, Koori People, which reside  in Port Jackson, NSW. Bennelong occupies a special place in Australian History due to his engagement with the British settlement in Australia in 1788.
Bennelong was a member of the Wangal clan, connected with the south side of Parramatta River, having close ties with the Wallumedegal clan, on the west side of the river, and the Burramattagal clan near today’s Parramatta.
Bennelong was brought to the settlement at Sydney Cove in November 1789 by order of the governor, Arthur Phillip, who was under instructions from King George III to establish relationships with the indigenous populations.
Bennelong was captured in November 1789 as part of Phillip’s plan to learn the language and customs of the local people. Bennelong stayed in the settlement for about six months. He then escaped. Bennelong travelled to England in 1792. Many historians have claimed that they were presented to King George III, but there is no direct evidence that this occurred. Although soon after their arrival in England they were hurriedly made clothes that would have been suitable for their presentation to the King.
Bennelong’s health was perhaps damaged by the consumption of alcohol, one of the most popular pastimes in the colony. He died at Kissing Point (now known as Putney, in Sydney’s North West) on 3 January 1813.