25 Best Tony Abbott Meme Images (So Far) #auspol

Well it’s been less than a year but already the meme machine is working overtime. Australia is venturing into new territory with a whole bunch of new media technologies to document the public sentiment.

Whether you’re an ALP or LNP supporter, casting your minds back to the ‘ditch the witch’ era of retorts and slogans helps provide perspective on this new array of pop culture criticism.

We made our decision focusing on what was most creative, we hope you enjoy.

uglierthanwethought nincuts winkstopsnation BpSceVfCEAIsUJA BpR7ckdCYAAuvqy

mcdouche cutcutcut itsnothitler budgetsmuggler tonyabbottironladyboy BpSTYUzCIAEGK0E  freakin freddos conesofsilence  BoxsmNnIAAAlqld lieharder BpSlKm3CEAApSpT   singingintherain villageidiots  abbottometer

knowyourenemaBpUcMrxIQAAvKITBpQjfG8CIAA0A_Gabbottbattlesoldies BpRIzP2CAAA-G8LBhPGADlCAAAfh0x

I have had a real difficult time in finding the original author of these images, so please if you are an author please contact me so i can give proper credit and references. Additionally if you are the property owner and wish for it not to be included in this list please contact me asap.

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